Applications & Server

Our Company offers solutions to facilitate interaction with our devices, using a smartphone or tablet, and a remote server to collect, manage and display data coming from the same devices. We provide this application for free to help our customers in everyday work. easyAPP is an IOS/Android application that allow a local connection with our devices using Bluetooth connection. The  wireless connection is available on some products (easySPT100, easySPT300, easyFlux and easyATMO) , can be used to easily read and write parameters and can also be used to transmit these parameters to our web server,, to be stored and displayed in a user-friendly web page.

easyAPP - Smartphone and tablet application to control easySPT products

This is an IOS/Android application, written in native code, that using the Bluetooth connection allow a wireless access to our instruments. The use of everyday devices , like smartphones or tablet, allow a more easy interaction with our instruments thanks to the user-friendly touch interface. In addition the data locally collected from instruments can be sent and stored in our web server for future use. For example, the stored datas may be used to correlate samples with meteorological conditions like temperature, wind, humidity and so on…

IOT Server - IOT Web server to collect and store instruments datas.

This is our IOT server that we offer to our customer to collect and store datas coming from our instruments. The datas are stored in a database and may be displayed using a standard “dashboard” related with instrument type, or may be displayed using a “custom” dashboard”. Datas may also be used to generate alarms to alert customers in case of parameters over the limits setting by users.

IOT Server