easyATMO - Weather and Gases.

easyATMO, is first of all, a weather station to be used together with our instruments. The station, in the basic configuration, will acquire environment parameters like wind speed and direction, humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure. Using the internal Bluetooth module, its will collect all parameters coming from the instruments in proximity. All data will be available to WWW using wireless connections like LoRa, WiFi and GSM.
The station is also designed to host some sensors like :
– Particulate matter (PM) sensor
– High accuracy carbon dioxide sensor.
– Volatile organic compounds (VOC) sensor.
– Gas sensors like O3,NO2,SO2,H2S,NH3. The board can fit up to three of these sensors.
It’s battery-powered and uses solar energy for charging.
It’s an innovative sensor that uses the latest technologies like solid state sensors.

easy ATMO A meteo station

Available soon .... stay tuned !

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